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Meet Pods

Advances in technology, changing work patterns and the trend towards open plan workspaces have resulted in an evolution of the modern workplace. Pods create both focused environments within open plan offices and provide ideal spaces for ad hoc meetings and sharing ideas.

The products across the range are available in various heights offering different acoustic and privacy benefits. Their innovative geometric shape maximizes space efficiency whilst also reducing surrounding noise.

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Pods design and construction means you can focus on your work in a soft, acoustic setting, free from any distraction.


Work, relax and meet together in the privacy of a Pod. The variety of sizes of pods means you can get together to relax around a table as a team.

The variety of different pod sizes and shapes means you can meet together no matter what the size of your team.

Product Overview

The Pods family consists of 8 variants

Resource Corral

  • W: 69"
  • D: 39.25"

Solo Abode

  • W: 59"
  • D: 78.75"

Duo Abode

  • W: 59"
  • D: 137.75"
  • H: 70.75"

4 Person Enclave

  • W: 102"
  • D: 76.75"

2 Person Enclave

  • W: 116.25"
  • D: 39.25"


  • D: 37.5"
  • W: 118"

Team Spaces

  • D: 98.5"
  • W: 195"

Quad Abode

  • W: 116.25"
  • D: 175.25"
  • H: 70.75"

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